Why do we choose MBBS admission in Philippines ?

MBBS in the Philippines is referred to as BS-MD. This is specially for Indian students who have completed 12th standard and want to study in the Philippines. Also known as pre-med, the BS course lasts two years before transitioning to four years of MD or medical study, which is divided into three years of theory and one year of internship/clinical rotation.
The cost of an MBBS admission in Philippines, including food and accommodation, is estimated at ₹ 25-27 lakh. Indian students do not have to worry about language barriers as English is the official language there. In addition, medical universities in the Philippines provide top-notch infrastructure and excellent faculty at one-third the cost compared to India.
Indian students have the opportunity to study MBBS abroad in the Philippines, an internationally recognized country for medical education.
It offers a balanced combination of theoretical and practical experience and equips its graduates with the skills they need to succeed in their profession.