The Complete Guide to WhatsApp Business API – Karix

What is the WhatsApp API?
WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. WhatsApp Business App has seen tremendous success among small enterprises. However, this product was unable to meet the needs of larger enterprises in terms of handling a large customer base and automation. WhatsApp Business API was announced in 2019 and later renamed WhatsApp Business Platform.

WhatsApp Business App
• If you own a small e-commerce or local retail business, you may download the WhatsApp Business App for free from the Apple Store or Android Store and use it to connect with your clients.
• Here's what it adds to the features of the separate WhatsApp Messenger apps:
• Your brand name, working hours, website, email address, physical address, and description are all included in your business profile. It will assist visitors to learn about your company and find alternative ways to contact you.

• Welcome message: Say hello to new customers automatically and make them feel welcomed and appreciated when they first message you.

• Quick responses: If your clients frequently ask the same questions, you can alleviate the typing strain by saving answers to use when needed.

• Conversation labels: If you're contacting numerous clients, labels might assist you in segmenting them depending on their buyer journey or otherwise.

• Catalogue and cart: You can manually upload your product catalog, complete with images showcasing the features of your product and other details. People can explore the catalog, add goods to their shopping carts, and place orders by sending a message.

• Broadcast messages: rather than sending individual advertising messages, you can send a broadcast message to 256 potential clients on your contact list. It operates similarly to the BCC email feature in that users will not learn about each other within the same broadcast.
• Although WhatsApp Business was a big improvement over the WhatsApp App, larger enterprises with a vast client base required much more