SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is a powerful platform that offers robust cloud solutions for enterprises. It facilitates real-time integration between different cloud and on-premises applications, allowing for seamless data exchange and process automation.

With its hybrid capabilities, SAP Cloud Platform enables enterprises to integrate their applications and data across multiple sources and systems without compromising on data security and integrity.

Cloud Integration provides many features for Application-to-Application (A2A) and business-tobusiness (B2B) scenarios.

The CPI platform enables seamless integration with multiple endpoints, including various applications and data sources from SAP and non-SAP environments, both on-premises and in the cloud.

SAP CPI prebuilt adapters can be easily customized for your specific integration requirements. Bizx Technologies SMEs can also help you to develop custom adapters using our adapter SDK. SAP CPI offers public OData APIs for customized access.

Security is a top priority, and reliable messaging processes based on asynchronous decoupling are implemented using queuing mechanisms. Integration with SAP Process Orchestration is also streamlined.