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Epilepsy is a medical condition that impacts the functioning of a person’s brain, causing them to experience seizures. It can be a challenging condition to manage and people with disabilities who has epilepsy are at a higher risk of experiencing such seizures. Seizures can appear in a variety of ways in a person such as losing the ability to talk, losing control of one’s body, feeling confused, and suffering from convulsions and repetitive movements.
Triggers are situations, habits, and things that can increase the probability of seizures in some people. Some of the common triggers include lack of sleep, improper medication management and having a fever or some other sickness. The right kind of support and care can help people with disabilities to manage seizures and avoid triggers.

Epilepsy supports are funded by the NDIS under disability-related health supports if it is directly related to the participant’s disability. If a participant is unable to manage their Epilepsy because of their disability, the NDIS may fund supports such as training provided for support workers who will assist the participant in implementing their Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP), Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP) during seizures and help participants to monitor seizures. Depending upon the disability needs of a participant, the NDIS may also fund the services such as the services of a nurse and assistive
technology to monitor and manage seizures. Though the NDIS does not provide funds to create an Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) or Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP) for the participant, they may fund the services of a support coordinator who can help the participants to connect with organisations that will help them form such support plans.

Aastha Community Services can help eligible participants access Epilepsy supports by assisting them in providing evidence to the NDIS which substantiates their disability-related support needs. We can connect you with trained suppor

NDIS Respite Care Services in Perth, WA | NDIS Support Coordination service in Perth, WA

Support coordination plays a vital role in ensuring that people with disabilities receive the necessary support and services they require to live a fulfilling and independent life. Participants who are new to the NDIS may need assistance to understand their plan, connect with service providers and coordinate various support and services. A competent support coordinator can assist the participants with all those procedures and ease the NDIS process for them.

Support Coordinators will provide the resources, information and support that the participants need in developing and implementing an NDIS plan tailored to suit their unique disability needs. The responsibilities of a support coordinator will also entail connecting the participant with the right service providers, negotiating with providers on their behalf and making sure that the services provided align with their NDIS plan. Support Coordinators will also help the participants to monitor their progress and thereby figure out whether the NDIS plan is working out for them or not. They will help the participants to make the best out of their NDIS plan and help them with plan reassessment in case the participant’s needs change over time. Since support coordination is capacity-building support, participants learn the different ways in which they can exercise choice and control by working on their skills and confidence.

Aastha Community Services can help you access the services of experienced support coordinators in Perth. Our support coordinators can help you find practical solutions for any issues related to your NDIS supports in a timely and effective manner. We will ensure that your disability-related needs are being met at every step of your NDIS journey. Contact us today to know more about our Support Coordination services in Perth.