HairGen – Hair Capsules for Hair Growth

Hair loss is caused by unhealthy roots, vitamin insufficiency and inadequate nourishment. Kosmoderma HairGen Capsule is a unique formula of dietary supplement to nourish and protect hair. These hair care capsules are super-foods that nourish fragile and frizzy hair, subsequently decreasing hair fall. It can also be termed as unique vitamin hair capsules that improve hair strength. Also, these multivitamin tablets for hair improve blood circulation and prevent split ends.

Anagain in the hair gain capsules stimulates the release of hair growth factors in the dermal papilla region and activates new phases of hair growth. Niacinamide as an ingredient in the vitamin hair capsules boosts circulation and enhances the appearance of hair. Amino acids, vitamins, and mineral complexes are the natural ingredients in the multivitamin tablet for hair that increase its thickness by preventing the shrinkage of follicles. It binds to the cuticle of the shaft and aids in providing a shiny look to the hair.