Everything You Must Know About IBM AS400 ERP and ERP Cloud

The IBM AS400 ERP was designed as an integrated product consisting of hardware and software. The hardware is the AS400, and the software is the operating system called OS400.

While AS400 ERP was originally released in 1988, it did not become obsolete because IBM kept on upgrading both the hardware and the software over the years.

Not just that, IBM also worked on their branding to rename the product to align it with the latest market needs.

Named Power Systems, the hardware now runs on the operating system IBM i. One of the greatest features of AS400 ERP is that it works well with a variety of

While some say that the system is almost antique, its compatibility remains with several applications, including AS400 inventory management and accounting software. This implies that you can run a program designed for the first version of AS400 on the latest Power Systems server without making any changes.