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A urine catheter, often known as a "urocath," is a primary medical device to collect urine from the bladder. GMedz provides various urocath products, making it simple to pick the best fit for your needs. The urocaths are available in multiple sizes and materials to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Quality materials are also used to provide safe and effective use.
GMedz Provides Quality Urocaths for Your Needs
GMedz offers a selection of high-quality urocaps for your convenience. Whether you're looking for a long-term or a short-term product, GMedz has you covered.
GMedz products are produced with high-quality materials to ensure their safety and efficiency. All of their urocaths are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, making it simple to discover the ideal fit for your unique requirements. GMedz's urocath products are convenient and high-quality, making them an excellent choice for any medical practitioner.
Features of Romsons Urocath (2 Way), Box of 50
GMedz provides a two-way urocaps, known as the Romsons Urocath (2 way). This product is available in a box of 50, making it a perfect choice for medical practitioners requiring many urocaths. The Romsons Urocath (2 way) is equipped with features such as a soft and flexible tube, a soft core for easy insertion, and a secure fit for added comfort and safety. With these features and more, the Romsons Urocath provides a quality experience.
The Romsons Urocath is an excellent option for short-term and long-term urine drainage into an uro bag. It is made of latex bonded with silicone elastomer, eliminating the risk of encrustation. The smooth surface makes it easy and painless to intubate, and the soft, burr-free eyes on the coned end make it easy to intubate without pain.