Ayurvedic Hair Tonic – OHRIA AYURVEDA

Ohria Ayurveda offers Banyan Root Hair Tonic, an ayurvedic hair tonic for hair growth made from pure plant botanical extracts to address hair loss, and thinning and promoting hair growth. This 100% natural tonic utilizes the power of banyan roots, known for their longevity and strength, to nourish the scalp deeply and stimulate hair follicles. Formulated with extracts of Japa leaves, Neem leaves, Ghritkumari, Methi, Amalaki, Mandukaparni, Wheat Germ Oil, and Nyagrodha, this potent hair tonic works to optimize overall hair health, balance pH levels, and promotes the growth of bouncy and thick strands. Aloe Vera juice further enhances the nourishing effects, ensuring a revitalized scalp and strengthened hair. For severe hair fall, daily application is recommended, while once or twice a week serves as an effective maintenance ritual.